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Shandong ICCAS-Henglian Biobased Materials Co., Ltd is located in Gudi Street, Hanting District, Weifang,Shandong, China founded in 2017 with registered capital RMB100000000. It is a joint venture subsidiary of Shandong Henglian New Materials Co., Ltd. and Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science. Its’ former is the project of green bio-cellulose film which began to cooperate with ICCAS since 2010 to develop a new cleaner production process of regenerated cellulose films using ionic liquids as solvents, after five years of research and development, this technology has been broken through, and a technical system with independent intellectual property rights and ten-thousands-ton industrialization process software package have been formed.The company's business scope is the production and sale of cellulose film, cellulose functional film and its derivatives; machining and sale of raw and auxiliary materials for cellulose film using ionic liquid as solvents. The company has products such as "KH-NILCELL " cellulose film, "KH-NILCELL " cellulose tape, ionic liquids and N-methylimidazole; the annual capacity of cellulose film is 30000 tons, annual capacity of ionic liquids and N-methylimidazole is 200000 tons. The company has 14 patents for invention of China, 6 patents for utility models of China, authorized one patent of the United States and one patent of Japan. Our company has established business with domestic SF Express, Polar Bear of Taiwan area and certain Japanese customers. 

company was founded on 2017 Year
106 employees
Production line
Covers an area of 30000㎡



Unique ingenuity and technological innovation

It is a high-tech R & D platform specializing in the research, development, manufacture, and sales of cellulose membranes.

· Powerful

· Authority

· Strict quality inspection

· Perfect after sales



It is a high-tech R&D platform specializing in manufacturing and sales of cellulose film, cellulose tape, ionic liquid and N-Methylimidazole.


Strict quality inspection

Standard inspection measures are applied in whole production process.




Has Authority:14 Chinese invention patents, 6 Chinese utility model patents, and 1 US and Japanese patent each


Perfect after sales

The company has a perfect service system and comprehensive after-sales service.



New battery cellulose insulation film comes out
Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, July 25 (Reporter Chang Lijun) In order to prevent battery leakage and short circuit, usually a layer of porous film is applied between the battery
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
Nanocellulose and its application in environmental protection
Polaris Water Treatment Network News: Nanocellulose is a new type of nanomaterial, which is derived from natural cellulose materials, including trees, cotton, straw, grass, etc., and is formed after chemical and mechanical treatment. In 2007, Professor Akira Isogai of the University of Tokyo in Japan prepared cellulose fibers with a diameter of 4-5 nanometers and a length of up to 500-1000 nanometers. Since then, the preparation and appl
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
Green cellulose membrane can resolve "white pollution"
HC Plastics News: The new process of green cellulose membrane clean production process passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal. The tensile strength of cellulose membrane is more than doubled than the existing products. It can be completely degraded in the soil for 30 days under normal temperature and natural conditions, saving energy The effect is obvious.
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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Office telephone: 0536-5307118

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John Wu 86-15265658130

Email address: wlz0728@163.com

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Manager Wu: 13884822926

Manager Li: 13686369995

Add:North District of Lingang industrial area, Gudi street, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China

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